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If you are a retailer of cookware, then you need to be Advertising Cookware

It may seem obvious, but the best people to advertise high quality cookware to are grocery shoppers, cooks, and at-home gourmets. Customers looking for cookware are often the very same customers who spend time researching the best prices on groceries and other kitchen goods. This is where the Gourmet Ads audience comes in. If you are a retailer of cookware, it’s time to think about how Gourmet Ads can help you create a targeted advertising strategy that will help shoppers find you.

Well known brands such as Allclad, Le Creuset, Calphalon, Faberware, KitchenAid and T-Fal often have followings of their own. Customers look for certain brands that they have had good experiences with in the past. You can take advantage of the reputation of these brands by letting customers know that they can come to you to find their favorite cookware. We can offer a wide variety of display advertising solutions that take advantage of customer loyalty to these brands. For example, we offer online retailers the option of targeted advertising, such as behavioral targeting which can track which customers are searching for a particular brand and then provide them with advertising which appeals to their needs. We can also provide cookware brands web beacons that can be placed on your site, then we can using retargeting technology to bring these web visitors back to your site.

Our unique audience of Grocery Buyers is the ideal fit for cookware retailers. Our customers are interested in food – they spend time watching cooking shows on TV, read and write blogs related to food, and are always researching the latest in cooking tools and gadgets. By choosing Gourmet Ads to advertise your cookware, you are appealing directly to the people most likely to shop for everything from spatulas to appliances and pans. Our team can also help you create ads that appeal to certain types of customers. For example, advertising to an older demographic who enjoy creating gourmet style meals in their own kitchens should be shown advertisements featuring the highest quality cookware as they are more likely to buy then a younger demographic who is most probably looking for value for money / middle of the line cookware.

By Advertising Cookware Brands Online, we’ll drive Consumers to your site

Cookware brands can run advertising throughout the year either driving consumers to their own ecommerce site, or to a list of bricks and mortar retailers. So no matter if the consumer wants to buy online or offline, Gourmet Ads can target these consumers. Some of our best performing campaigns for clients are those in the cookware sector. From pots and pans through to spoons and baking trays, these products perform exceptionally well.

Gourmet Ads customers know food and we know our customers. Let Gourmet Ads help you design an advertising strategy aimed at turning our customers into your customers by Advertising Cookware brands.

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