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Advertising Cooking Shows

Reach Your Target Audience when Advertising Cooking Shows

No matter where on the globe you are located, the popularity of cooking shows in the past few years has seen significant growth. Sure this has been fueled by celebrity chefs, but it’s actually a barometer to the interest people have these days about food, cooking and everything in between. There is no doubt that this trend has helped TV networks such The Food Network grow massive TV audiences.

According to comScore, our audience is 33% more likely to watch cooking shows, than the average online audience. This means that if you’re advertising a cooking show then you’re hitting the right market; A market of foodies and gourmands. So how do new cooking shows gain a cult like following and huge popularity? It’s about branding the cooking show with audiences which are like to tune in or Tivo the cooking show.

Advertising a cooking show online is rather obvious for a new cooking show or a returning show, but can be used through out a series to help boost audience numbers.

The creative needs to have a clear call to action regarding the time, date and station and should most definitely feature the host or celebrity chef and include a range of rich media units.

Examples of cooking shows advertising campaign could include;

  • Pre roll 15 sec TVC which plays on our video sites and is coupled by a companion ad typically a 300 x 250 sized ad unit.
  • A full 30 sec video promoting the cooking show displayed in a 300 x 250 ad unit. Can either play automatically or on engagement.

Other campaign directions can be to drive subscriptions for the cooking show newsletters, competitions or even the ability to appear on the cooking show itself.

Finally your cooking show doesn’t have to be at a major network or cable station like Food Network. Your cooking show could be broadcast on a IPTV like Hulu, Joost and Youtube. Boosting online audiences are just as important as boosting TV audiences could be the strategy.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can promote your cooking show online to dedicated audience of foodies, then Gourmet Ads can help develop a strategic online marketing plan aimed at getting bumping up audience numbers for your cooking shows and broadcast network.

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