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Advertising Cooking Classes

Advertising Cooking Classes

Advertising Cooking Classes is an ideal way to cross market products

Have you ever sat home and watched a cooking show or cooking classes with the same sense of awe that you watch science fiction? You think, that would be awesome, but I’m never going to be able to do it. For many devoted food television watchers, this is a pretty common experience.  The rapid growth in food-related television has fuelled an equal boom in the number of shoppers who have the desire to create food-TV worthy dishes, but who lack the confidence to do so. This trend is probably the biggest reason for the demand for cooking lessons that teach everything from sauces to soufflés. Consumers are looking for someone to show them how to make great meals at home, and there are a number of ways that retailers can step in to fill this void.

If you have been to a better quality cooking implement store such as Williams Sonoma, you have probably seen one of their cooking classes or cooking demonstrations. This is a tactic that has paid off so well for these stores that many smaller retailers are competing to offer the same experience to their customers. The great part about advertising this way is that it is cost effective, manageable, and an ideal way to cross market products. For example, a grocer could demonstrate a recipe that uses not only foods found in the store, but also cooking gadgets that the store may also sell. Or, local stores can team up, with kitchen stores offering discounts at local grocers, or by allowing chef-demonstrators from a local store to come into a grocer to try out a new recipe for shoppers. The possibilities of such cooking classes are endless, and can be used at grocers, book stores, kitchen specialty shops, department stores, and even trade shows.

Another way that retailers can take advantage of the growing interest in food and cooking lessons is to bring in new customers by offering lessons on food preparation and targeting food-television lovers. Customers who watch food television are often the primary shoppers in their household, so getting these shoppers in your door is a sure fire way to get them interested in what you have to offer. Take advantage of internet and traditional marketing tools to get the word out about your upcoming demonstration, and you’ll find that customers flock to your store to see what you have to offer. Just make sure you’re advertising to the right group of customers, and be prepared for a busy day!

Celebrity chefs providing cooking classes create a high loyalty among the customers

The elevation of TV Chefs to near-celebrity status can be a particularly useful tool for retailers. Whether you hire a celebrity chef to provide cooking lessons in your store or have a local chef teach students how to prepare a favorite celebrity dish, consumers love the idea of being able to learn from these high-power chefs. If you plan to offer cooking lessons, consider those that are centered on a particular chef (or group of chefs) to attract the loyal followers of these top cooks. You may also want to sponsor demonstrations given by a favorite chef in another location.

No matter how you choose to take advantage of consumers’ craving for culinary education, the effort is worthwhile due to the high level of loyalty that this inspires among your customers. Talk to your existing customers, and find out what they want to see. Once you are ready to hold a chef-cook event, make sure to spend some time marketing it to bring in the biggest number of shoppers. Cooking classes and demonstrations are surely the way to your “foodies’” hearts.

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