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Advertising Coffee Shops

Advertising Coffee Shops

The new generation of enthusiastic coffee shops

For many years, people visited coffee shops on the way to work to get their quick caffeine boost before the long day ahead. Nowadays however, it is also a place where people go to socialize or even work or hold meetings.

Not only the use of the coffee shop has changed over time, but also the coffee shop menu has also evolved to cater for different needs. Coffee isn’t the only beverage sold at coffee shops; now when we enter cafes and coffee establishments anywhere we are faced with a wide range of choices such as teas and pastries, along with over the counter CPG brand items like cereal bars, gelatos (ice creams) and fruit pots. Due to different varieties of foods and drinks on offer, consumers go to coffee shops for different reasons.

Rather than leaving the discovery of your coffee shop to chance, advertising with Gourmet Ads can let your potential customers know what your coffee shops carry in addition to just coffee.  An ad campaign which emphasizes why you are unique or why consumers should come to you instead of another coffee chain is a great way of drawing people in. Let them know about your award winning pastry chef, or let them know about special offers, loyalty cards or discounts which they might find appealing.

Coffee enthusiasts, freelance workers, college students and regular office goers are an ideal target market for coffee shops. Coffee lovers are always looking for new coffees to try, freelancers love to come in and sip coffee while browsing the net, students like to take breaks between studies or get coffee before a long essay-writing session, and office workers just need the caffeine to keep them sane sometimes! These groups are your best target market, so making coffee to suit their needs is likely to be the most successful strategy.

Gourmet Ads can geo target ad campaigns for coffee shops

Whether you are a small coffee shops chain store or there are a few shops in one locale, placing ad campaigns on Gourmet Ads network of sites will ensure that you are a running a well targeted campaign. Perfect for small coffee shops, Gourmet Ads can help you target your ideal demographic and also help target people in specific locations using geo targeting – this will ensure full use of your advertising budget and will also make sure that you are reaching out to the right type of consumer.

Decide on the angle that you want to take – are you appealing to the office worker or the college student or are you targeting a number of groups at once? Opt for your target consumer, appeal to their interests and you will soon see an increase in ad interest and therefore sales too for your coffee shops.

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