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Advertising Bottled Water

Advertising Bottled Water

Bottled Water is the second largest selling beverage on the market

“Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink…” – and so goes the ancient mariner’s rhyme. However relevant this little poem may have been many years ago, today it couldn’t be further from the truth. There is bottled water everywhere we go that is available for purchase and is amazingly the second largest selling beverage on the market. Amazingly, there has also been a sudden influx of flavored bottled water in particular which has recently become the hottest food trend.

Keeping yourself hydrated is an important part in sustaining a healthy lifestyle, and about half of all Americans drink bottled water regularly because of this. FACT: In the US, there were 11.5% bottled water sales in 2001. By 2005 this had soared to 6.5 billion. Although grabbing a coffee before work can be part of many people’s daily routine, bottled water sales themselves are actually much higher than sales of coffee, milk and beer. Bottled water only comes second to soft drinks.

If you are really trying to reach out to the health-conscious, bottled water is definitely the way to go. And if you are finding your target audience very reluctant to drink plain bottled water, flavored bottled water is definitely the way to entice them.

Flavored bottled water is the hottest trend and a promising niche Advertising Area

Flavored bottled water means that we are no longer limited to the boring taste of plain water; instead we are free to hydrate our bodies and at the same time enjoy what we are drinking! The flavored bottled water that is on the market even offers the consumer more than what they would get with just plain bottled water – a beverage that is infused with vitamins, sweeteners and herbs. Consumers have great brand awareness for all these new bottled water products and bottles of water packed full of various health-ingredients have truly become the hottest food trend.

Not only are more consumers becoming more aware of their own health, but they are also developing an ‘environmentally conscious’ mind for themselves too. Bottled water safety and recycling are areas that the public need to be, and in most cases are willing to be educated. Advertising bottled water is a huge business, and in 2005 bottled water advertising actually exceeded $150 million and has grown even further since then.

Gourmet Ads has a well established network of sites, and if you are looking to promote your product, we can place your advertisements on these sites that feature drink recipes. We can also post newer recipes with these products to generate traffic to your site. Advertising bottled water is ideal for educating your consumers and generating awareness of your product – and what better way to do it than use Gourmet Ads to reach your target audience ?

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