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Advertising at Easter

Advertising at Easter

Easter Advertising focuses on new emerging products

Easter often represents the spring time and therefore new beginnings and starting afresh. This makes it the ideal time for new companies to emerge, or for already established companies to launch new products.

Digital advertising platforms are great for getting Easter ad campaigns out. Platforms such as Gourmet Ads can be an ideal place to start. The use of Easter themed ads has the ability to attract the attention of both children and adult consumers, grocery buyers and so on. Easter bunnies, eggs, chicks and those with religious themes are widely used to promote the time of year and to get products noticed.

Easter recipes can boost ad campaigns

The adverts released at this time of year don’t just have to centre around Easter eggs, there is much more scope for ad campaigns as far as Easter is concerned. This is particularly true when it comes to recipes, where Easter recipes can really boost a good ad campaign and show an audience how much potential a product has.

Gourmet Ads has geo targeted campaigns which provide a platform for brands to present their Easter and spring products to the right audiences according to their geographic location. Small companies can benefit from geo targeting as it allows their ad campaigns to only reach local consumers, however national companies can also benefit from this method of targeting. By presenting certain groups of people in specific locations with ads that are geographically relevant to them, you are creating a personal connection with your audience.

Easter is a chocolate based holiday; so naturally, chocolate companies can benefit a lot from promoting their products at this time. However, the Easter Sunday roast dinner is also a big tradition in some Western cultures, and using ad campaigns to encourage consumers to cook their Sunday roasts together denotes a message of “togetherness”, an appropriate Easter sentiment for the time of year.

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