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4th of July Advertising

4th of July Advertising

Start 4th of July Advertising a week before Independence Day

The 4th of July Holiday or Independence Day is another day of the year where you can benefit from developing a targeted advertising campaign to drive sales. In the lead up to 4th of July festivities, Americans are planning parties, catering BBQs, having an extended weekend at the lake and post-game tailgates. Consumers want everything from meat, to new clothes, to wine.

Ideally your 4th of July Advertising should commence at least a week before the 4th of July as consumers begin to hunt for bargains for food, drinks, wine, beer, party products and more. So it’s essential to kick off the campaign early for best results.

So apart from grocery stores what other businesses can benefit from running 4th of July Advertising? Basically any sort of retailers involved with planning your 4th of July event. So think BBQ retailers, party hire, online meat and seafood retailers, home delivery services to name just a few.

Additionally, don’t forget restaurants for those who don’t want to entertain at home, but enjoy the holiday being spoilt. Restaurants should concentrate on advertising their 4th of July specials or fixed priced menus as a way of enticing bookings.

Your 4th of July Advertising creative should have a strong call to action

Like most online ads, your 4th of July Advertising creative should have a strong call to action, gain the user’s attention and articulate your offering. In keeping with the theme of the 4th of July your advertising could include imagery of Uncle Sam, and/or the star spangle banner along with the red, white and blue.

By running your 4th of July Advertising campaign with Gourmet Ads not only are you reaching the household grocery buyers, but your reaching consumers planning an event as they look for recipes, cocktail ideas and more.

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