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300×600 Ad Size Growing In Popularity


300×600 Ad Size or the ‘Half Page Ad’

The 300×600 or the “half page ad” format is now an IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) standard format.

At Gourmet Ads, we have nearly half of the sites we work with accept the 300×600 / half page ad unit on their sites. Why? Well, according to a recent study by AOL and the IPG Media Lab, the 300×600 ad unit is a better choice for display advertising as it can catch a web user’s eye twice the speed of a 300×250 ad, and the web user is also more likely to stay with the ad for can catch a web user’s eye twice the speed of a 300×250 ad, and the web user is also more likely to stay with the ad for up to 4 times longer.

The 300×600 ad units have many benefits including:

  • They are approved IAB Standard Ad Units
  • Can be used in a variety of rich media
  • Outstanding click through rate levels
  • Higher interaction rates
  • Placing a video advertisement is easier
  • Increase intention to make a purchase
  • As they are in large, attention grabbing formats, they have great visibility

Due to their obvious advantages and popularity, 300×600 ads are in high demand from advertisers. The main reason for this is that advertisers nowadays are reaching out to internet users that have been surfing the net for many years and have become accustomed to seeing banners, pop ups and a whole array of ads flashing before their eyes.

The 300×600 Ad Size has greater visibility

Web users have learnt to ignore these ads which marketers call ‘Banner Blindness’. So, in order to break through this, the 300×600 has taken precedent over most other formats for attention grabbing ability!

Gourmet Ads can take your existing creative assets and develop 300×600 ad units for your campaign using your brand standards quickly and cost effectively. Rather than spending large amounts of your advertising budget on ineffective ads, Gourmet Ads can help you craft an effective and great value for money half page ad which will attract consumer attention.

Not only will an ad unit of this size appeal to your customer and keep their attention for longer, further studies have also shown that more positive feelings are felt towards these larger ad sizes and they have been proven to lessen negative feelings towards ads online. On top of this, 300×600 ad sizes also increase the consumer’s intention to make a purchase which is an ideal way of boosting sales and revenue!

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