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2010 Media Planning

2010 Media Planning

We’re seeing companies who are Media Planning Online for the First Time

It’s midway through 2009 and we’re already seeing a great deal of advertising agencies as well as food and wine companies undertaking 2010 media planning. From what we’ve seen already from RFPs and general enquiries is that many companies are increasing their advertising budgets across the board in 2010.

Because of the economic downturn, 2010 Media Planning has already seen a number of companies who are planning on advertising online for the first time, as in 2009. Many of the companies we deal directly with in the food, wine, beer, tourism and kitchen appliance industries are all looking at online as a cost effective channel to achieve growth in this economic downturn.

It seems that this increased online trend is rather consistent around the globe, especially in both our major markets of the USA, UK, Canada and Australia. We believe the increased activity with 2010 media planning is because many companies are cutting their outdoor, print, TV and radio campaigns and are heavily focused online where there is real measurable ROI and performance.

Like in 2009, the key for media planners in 2010 is to buy vertically related inventory which has the highest chance of performing. Also taken into consideration is the metrics and demographics of the audience, another key in 2010 media planning.

So how can we help your 2010 Media Planning?

Gourmet Ads can help you or your advertising agency develop your 12 month plan to target your audience online throughout the year. By booking media in advance (either 6 month or 12 months) allows us to offer significant discounts on CPM rates and bonus impressions increasing your return on investment. For more information about 2011 Media Planning, Contact Us.

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