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12 Month Media Plans

12 Month Media Plans

Lots of Advertisers are booking 12 Month Media Plans

Typically speaking, Gourmet Ads is sent RFPs (request for proposals) from advertising agencies usually 2 months or 3 months before a campaign is slated to commence. What we’ve found throughout 2009 that the majority of the media plans were short lead time, sometimes the same week opposed to 2008 when we were given very long lead times. But as great deal of food and wine companies are now starting their 2010 advertising budgets, we are finding that things have changed again.

What we’ve recently been receiving from advertising agencies is requests for not just proposals for campaigns, but we’re being asked to help develop a 12 month media plan.  Either with or without budgets, we’re able to develop a complete plan.

Some of the areas we take into consideration when developing 12 month media plans are;

  • Peaks and Troughs of traffic
  • Seasonal Issues (Holiday Periods)
  • Products Selection
  • Environmental issues (weather)
  • Micro site development
  • Share of voice throughout the plan

One of the advantages of developing a 12 month media plan is the ability to targeting consumers though over the life of the campaign. Using technology based targeting such as Behavioral Targeting can help to reach the most relevant people throughout the campaign.

If you’d like Gourmet Ads to help prepare your 12 month media plan we generally require much more information in your brief than compared to campaigns briefs. Ideally we’d also prefer to be given a budget; however we can develop 12 month media plans without a budget.


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