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Grocery Buying Audience

Grocery Buying Audience

Reaching the Household Grocery Buying Audience Online

If you’re looking at running an online campaign aimed at influencing and engaging household grocery buyers, then you’re in the right place. Because of our Grocery Buying Audience, with Gourmet Ads, you’ll experience brand lift, causing your products to run off the supermarket shelf.

So how do we reach the Grocery Buyer?
Our team has assembled an expansive brand safe and fully transparent publisher network of food, cooking and recipe websites which we manage the advertising on. The hand selected websites all revolve around cooking and recipes; as such it’s where our audience makes meal decisions before heading to the grocery store or supermarket.

The Grocery Buyer
The majority of the household grocery buyers in Gourmet Ads, are female, aged 25-54 with up to 40% have kids in the household aged under 15. There is also a male segment of grocery buyers and this is discussed on the page titled, Mr Grocery Buyer.

Our Grocery Buying Audience

Some of the typical characteristics of the Gourmet Ads audience include;

  • They are the primary household grocery buyer
  • They make more than 3 trips to the grocery store each month
  • They spend anywhere from $200 to over $500 a month on groceries
  • They search for Gourmet Foods online
  • They search for Groceries/Food Sstaples online
  • They search for Health Foods online
  • They search for Organic Foods online
  • They search for Recipes / Cookbooks online

What are Grocery Buyers purchasing?
Across a range of products, our Grocery Buying audience are typically buying week to week the following food products; Baby Foods, Carbonated Soft Drinks, Carbonated Water, Cereals, Cheese, Crackers, Dairy products, Dried Pasta, Juice, Gourmet Frozen Meals, Pizzas Frozen and Packaged Meats. Apart from foods, also high on the list are baby products such as diapers, baby formula as well as pet related products such as pet food and cat litter.

Where do they do the Grocery Shopping?
The majority our audience goes shopping to the grocery store, and places products in the shopping trolley. However there is a small percentage of the audience that prefers to shop online for weekly groceries and have them delivered.

So what are the takeaways from this ?
There is no doubt that the Gourmet Ads Grocery Buying Audience shops for groceries a number of times a month and purchases a range of products (food and non-food). Our audience is also very active online with researching food products especially items that are gourmet or organic. Are you reaching the Grocery Buying Audience that spends money each week ?

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