Grocery Buyer Audience Segment


Reach Grocery Buyers Our Grocery Buyers Audience Segment is a First Party Data segment built from users who are frequenting content across Gourmet Ads that infers they are developing shopping lists. The Grocery Buyers Audience Segment is ideal for companies wanting to reach audiences who are considered the [...]

Custom Data Audience Segment


Audience Segments Just for You Whilst we endeavour to make available food or alcohol segments that will suit most programmatic buyers, we know that not all campaigns are the same, so there is no reason that the data that powers them be the same as well. Unlike others, because [...]

Diet & Weight Loss Audience Segment


Reach Consumers Actively Dieting With obesity levels at an all-time high, the number of consumers actively engaging in diet and weight loss programs continues to grow all the time. Users in this audience segment have specifically searched for and viewed content related to dieting and weight loss. They [...]