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Since 2008 our publishing team have hand-picked the websites that make up the Gourmet Ads Network. Our goal for advertisers is to curate the best food, cooking and recipe content online, whilst providing an efficient and easy way to reach grocery buyers in one single media buy.

Different from other ad networks, we maintain a relationship with each website either directly with the owners and/or their management. Because of our close working relationships with publishers, it allows Gourmet Ads to run customized and bespoke campaigns featuring High Impact Creative; not just “banners” across the network.

Every website which makes up the Gourmet Ads Network has either been individually invited to join us or they have applied and passed our Strict Eligibility Criteria. Irrespective of the way they joined; they have a few things in common.

Publishers in Gourmet Ads are;

  1. Creating Original Food and Recipe Content on a regular basis
  2. Feature an audience of Grocery Buyers who are also the Primary Cook for the household.
  3. Their audiences are primarily located in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand

We’ve categorized them as follows;

  • Recipe / Cooking Portals
  • Food Blogs
  • Recipe Websites
  • Food Forums
  • Video Cooking Site
  • Food Information Sites

Strict Eligibility Criteria

We touched on this above, but website owners may only apply to be part of Gourmet Ads network, when they have met our Strict Eligibility Criteria. Of the applications we receive, we actually reject most and accept only about 30% of them. Like we said, we are really looking for the best food best food, cooking and recipe websites on the internet.

Owned & Operated Websites

RecipeBridgeApart from sites that make up the network, Gourmet Ads owns and operates a number of sites. Our flagship website is RecipeBridge, a recipe search engines which boasts millions of recipe based searches each month. RecipeBridge has already indexed millions of recipes, with our goal being to index every recipe on the internet providing consumers insight to recipes from around the world.

For more information about the websites in Gourmet Ads as well as our food advertising solutions, please
Download a copy of our Media Kit.

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