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Benjamin Christie

Founder & President

Benjamin Christie is the Founder and President of Gourmet Ads, a global food advertising network which specializes in reaching the grocery buyer online. He is one of the world’s foremost leaders in developing online brand solutions for food and grocery companies.

A ten year plus veteran of the online Food Industry, Benjamin’s career started out in kitchens as a chef, at the award winning Watermark Restaurant in Sydney. From there he held positions in various hotels and resorts as executive chef and finally went on to host the cooking show, Dining Downunder which subsequently broadcast in 50 countries.

Diversifying from kitchens to into the online sector, Benjamin then managed several dot com projects with de Groots Media which included Best Restaurants of Australia, Best Hotels of Australia, Perfect Gift Certificates and Inflight Concierge.

Benjamin then transitioned to Innovations director at Australia’s largest independently owned web development company, Wiliam. In this role, Benjamin took an innovative and strategic approach with many high profile projects for Yahoo Australia, Network Ten, eWay, Camera House, Getup! and Radio Rentals to name a few.

Founding Gourmet Ads in 2008, Benjamin now manages advertising on over 500 recipe, cooking and food websites, serving over 200 million ads per month around the globe. Gourmet Ads client’s range from multinational food companies such as General Mills, Nestle and Kraft through to localized supermarket chains like Target, Coles, Tesco and Supervalue as well as hundreds of smaller food and kitchenware companies.

Midway through 2010, Benjamin led the acquisition by Gourmet Ads of the recipe search engine, from its founders. Since completion of the acquisition, RecipeBridge has been re-branded and redeveloped, including building a dedicated recipe spider to index recipes. RecipeBridge has currently indexed over 4 million individual recipes from around the internet with a mobile site currently in development.

In 2011, Benjamin conceptualized and launched the world’s first food focused Private Ad Exchange called the ‘Gourmet Ads Marketplace’ which was developed with Cox Digital Solutions on the Appnexus Platform. The Gourmet Ads private ad exchange allows advertisers and demand side platforms, (DSPs) to access advertising inventory on a real time basis. With the success of the American private ad exchange, the Gourmet Ads Marketplace is currently being expanded into Canada, Europe and Australia territories.

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