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Why We Acquired Healthy Ads

healthy-ads-websiteWhen I started Gourmet Ads in July 2008, my vision was to create a platform where advertisers could reach audiences of grocery buyers and home cooks at scale accessed via a community of food websites, whilst at the same time providing a broad monetization platform to publishers.  8 Years nearly...Continue Reading>>

Advertising Healthy Foods

Advertising Healthy FoodsThere is an increased awareness of healthy foods todayOver the past decade or so, there has been an increased fear of obesity. As a result, the purchase of healthy foods has increased and the public’s awareness of eating a balanced diet with great nutritional...Continue Reading>>

Fast Food Advertising

Fast Food AdvertisingGourmet Ads targets its fast food advertising towards its busy adult audienceFast food restaurants have long targeted advertising toward children; however, fast food advertising aimed at bringing in adult customers can be a far more effective strategy. Fast food...Continue Reading>>