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Private Exchange vs Ad Exchange

Private Exchange vs Ad Exchange

What’s the difference between buying Private Exchange & Ad Exchange ?

One of the questions we’re increasingly asked is what is the main difference between buying in a Private Exchange relationship or buying via Appnexus Exchange and targeting our inventory directly. So before we illustrate some of the advantages of buying in a Private Exchange arrangement, I’d thought I’d highlight the key points of working on a programmatic basis with Gourmet Ads;

  • Efficient CPMs with Performance
  • Brand Safe Environment
  • Includes Above the Fold Placements
  • Only Recipe & Food Content
  • Top Level Domains Only
  • Impression-Level Buying

The exact differences are explained in detail within our RTB Media Kit, however from a top level perspective the major differences are covered below;

Private Exchange Relationship offers;

  • Deal ID
  • Priority Bidding “First Look at Inventory”
  • Backgrounds Skins & Over the Page Units
  • 300×600 / Half Page Inventory
  • Ideal for Endemic Brands
  • Attractive Floor Price with Volume Commitment
  • Ability to have both Soft and Hard Floor Pricing
  • Standard IAB Sizes – 300×250, 728×90 & 160×600
  • Guaranteed Impression Volumes
  • Site List Transparency
  • Use your own data or 3rd Party Data

If you’d like to learn more about Gourmet Ads Programmatic Advertising Solutions, or request your copy of our RTB Media Kit, click on the button below.

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